No, WhatsApp did not just release a desktop app

(+ This One Messenger App That Will Change Your Life)

It’s todays big trending topic: WhatsApp finally released a version of their messenger app for your PC: a desktop app. Now you wll finally be able to have a convenient chat with all your friends from your computer!

But there is onebig caveat.

Why is it still not what I want?

1) It still needs your phone

This is just an update of the web version, put into a frame that runs on your computer. That means that it still needs to fetch all the messages directly from your phone (that is what that QR code is for).

It only keeps functioning as long as these three conditions are true:

a) You have a smart phone, and it’s turned on
b) WhatsApp is running in the background
c) Your phone is online

So when your battery runs out, you can not inform your friends. If your phone is lost, you also lose everything related to whatsapp that was on your phone. Or you might be someone that can not use a smart phone, but you still want to be able to message people you know.

Teason number two:

2) It doesn’t do everythingforever

Vinc, what do you mean? How can an app do “everythingforever”?

Well, Meet Franz.

Franz screenshot

My new favorite emperor-name app. (Sorry, Nero!)

Franz does exactly what the whatsapp “desktop app” does, but then for EVERYTHING.

Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Google Hangouts, Skype, Slack, WeChat and many more messaging apps you never heard of.

It was made by a bunch of smart Austrians (which explains the name) and workd on Windows, Mac and Linux.


Let’s speculate a little bit – the trigger behind launching the WhatsApp “desktop client” could have been the sudden popularity of Franz.

If you’d spend every day using an app like Franz, allowing you to interact easily using any platform, instead of just WhatsApp, you might eventually be seduced more and more into spending time with other messaging apps. And a lot of other apps are superior in some functionality (like Telegram, with their actual desktop client and open bot APIs) or much better at solving specific problems (work chat for Slack)

And that sounds like a good reason for WhatsApp to quickly provide us with their boring framed-in excuse of an app.

Be free! Use Franz